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Please visit the websites of some of our friends.

Mendocino Artists & Artisans are a collective of painters, sculptors, jewelers, glass artists, potters, photographers, fabric artists, silk screeners, weavers, beaders, candlemakers, and haberdashers in Mendocino County.

Please visit the pages of our members, who are among the finest artists and artisans in Northern California.

CasparDesigns.com is a joint collaboration or two craftsmen.
Each of them brings over 27 years of experience in woodworking, building, and cabinetry to each project.
Bob specializes in the design, layout, and construction of the sophisticated case work used in the construction of their cabinetry, while Brian focuses on the design and construction of the doors, drawer fronts, end panels, and other exterior facades

From conception through layout consultation, computer and technology generate drawings that become beautiful solid wood cabinetry. Finishing with state-of-the-art coatings and installed with skill and precision insures your cabinetry will endure for years to come.

The Mendocino Music Festival presents 12 days and nights of extraordinary music in a spectacular setting. Evenings include three orchestra concerts, a night of dazzling music from the world's greatest operas, the big band concert, chamber music ensembles, jazz, and vocal music.

MendocinoDoors.com specializes in custom doors of all designs and the finest woods available. They offer uniquely designed completed doors for sale. They are happy to design a door (or a house full of doors) for your project. If you wish the finest quality and true craftsmanship, please visit http://www.MendocinoDoors.com

The Fine Woodworking Program of the College of the Redwoods
has become one of the finest furniture making schools in the world. For the past sixteen years, the school has trained more than 250 students from around the globe in the fine art of cabinetmaking.

Mendocino Woodworking.com
Is a collective of Craftsmen, Woodworkers, Builders, Designers and Purveyors of Fine Woodworking in Mendocino County.

Please take a few minutes to visit the pages of our Members, who are among the finest artisans in all fields of woodworking, which have long been associated with our region of Northern California.

The Mendocino Roofing Network is a not-for-profit site that was established to provide the residents of the Mendocino Coast with skilled and honorable tradesman. Since Mendocino frequently has inclement weather and such a large amount of rainfall each year we decided to provide these pages in an effort to offer our residents an opportunity to contact qualified Roofing contractors who are recommended by our members and Coast residents

Gallery Bookshop and Bookwinkle's Children's Books is one of the finest bookstores on the Mendocino Coast with an outstanding selection of books ... a deep backlist in almost every area ... as well as a knowledgeable and willing staff.

The Arts Council of Mendocino County introduces, promotes, and benefits the arts in order to enrich the quality of life for the citizens of the county. Objectives include expanding opportunities for artists and arts organizations, supporting art education, promoting the role of the arts in the local economy and increasing public awareness of the value of the arts.

Please visit the websites of some of our friends !!